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     Road International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, Shanghai China International Logistics Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of the bags of ore, drinks and sales agents, machinery equipment production and sales business. The company has a liquor wholesale license, food circulation permit, import and export goods customs registration certificate relevant qualifications. Minerals, timber, metal materials, packaging materials, machinery and equipment and consumption of agricultural products and alcoholic products, goods and technology import and export business and other service functions to the different needs of customers, providing a full range of excellent services.

Relying on the Shanghai International Logistics Co., Ltd., a global sales network and customer resources, Shanghai Hua Road as a professional import and export trading company, the rational use of the dominant platform for integrated resource advantage, the business has made considerable progress and development. Has achieved of Guizhou Maotai factory platinum wine Nanjing Baixia the agent eligibility MCC PNG Ramu nickel-cobalt project, 250,000 tons of nickel hydroxide cobalt bags business. At the same time, the Company the injection of Liyang City, China-based machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2010, production and sales of feed machinery equipment, dust removal equipment, bio-renewable energy equipment and feed mold accessories. Road International Trading Co., Ltd. through the integration of various industry resources, not only for China-based logistics partners provide continuity of service, more of their own development and lay a solid foundation.

 The company currently employs 50 people, and 36 professional and technical personnel. 2 senior engineers, a senior economist, CPAs, a responsible officer of the principal activities of the Division I benefited from the long-term business work experience, so that the accumulated considerable experience in dealing with complex economic situation the company’s business is the main a mineral packaging, complete sets of machinery and equipment, agricultural products and drinks agent import and export business, the operation of various forms, such as the creation of Maotai platinum wine Reiko injection of machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, and processing bags.
 Changing international situation in the face of the situation, the Shanghai Hua Road International Trading Company constantly improve and summary of their own experience, able to cope with the complex economic environment and development. Relying on a strong environmental platform, Road service won recognition and praise of customers from all walks of life. Provide strong continuation of its parent company, China-based logistics services, but also lay a solid foundation for their own development.