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 Container bag also known as FIBC bag, space bags, a container unit appliances, together with the crane or forklift, you can achieve the transport of container unit, it applies to the shipment of bulk bulk powdergranular materials. FIBC is a flexible transportation containers are widely used for transport packaging such as food, grains, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mineral products in powder, granules, bulk items.


 Production standards: the FIBC standards in China now performed GB/T10454-2000

The raw materials market 
    The main raw material for polypropylene, polyethylene. Liyang surrounding petrochemical enterprises for the production of the products to provide a stable, adequate resources, to ensure the supply of raw materials.

Raw material specifications

Requires raw materials free of other impurities, transparent, granular.


Drawing - Weaving - coating - blown film - sewing - packaging.

Production scale

Annual production scale of 800,000.